Friday, February 28, 2014

500 Mile March- Prelude

Well, this is my final evening of rest and relaxation; starting tomorrow I start my journey to run 500 miles in the month of March. Through the course of this little endeavor I will attempt to run the equivalent of 26km a day for 31 days while maintaining my current work and school schedule and I am going to try and make some of those miles quality- I won't be skimping out on the harder workouts for the sake of a few more slow miles. 

Part two of my little challenge involves diet. My diet since living at home has become abysmal. I've become addicted to sugary carbonated beverages and have all but given up making my own meals. This needs to change. As such I am making a stand against this lifestyle of excess. Every meal during the week will be made at home by myself or a loved one. I will permit myself one cheat meal a weekend for social events such as going out with my girlfriend or meeting up with friends. 

Part three is why I am doing this. It comes down to the fact that I need goals to work towards otherwise I get stuck in a rut and there's no getting out of it. This gives me a goal and something to strive towards. I've committed to racing a bunch this summer so I may as well get fit while I can.  

The major obstacles that I see:
1) The cold. The first week and a half of March are supposed to remain cold. I hate the cold. Having to log miles by yourself in the cold is the worst. 
2) Injury Risk. This is the longest stretch of time I have been running without getting injured. I've been able to put in decent miles before without getting injured before but never this many. I don't want to break down and get all mopey and sit in a corner thinking about how foolish I was for even attempting  something like this. I just have to stay on top of my recovery and  gear choice and I think I should be able to get 'er done!

Too often we see young people content to sit around on their computers or in front of their TV. Too often I've heard people say that they just don't have the time to run. Here is my challenge to you: Do SOMETHING ACTIVE  every day for the entire month of March. It doesn't matter what it is. Go to the gym and lift weights. Go to the pool and swim. Play a game of indoor soccer. Go for a walk. Something. Just do something active each day for the entire month. Chart your progress. Send me your pictures if you want and I will post them up for all of us to share.

I'll be posting daily updates every day from here on out so be sure to check back for updates. The updates will be short and sweet. Sometime just going over the gear I'm using to get through this, sometimes they are my personal tips for eating healthy, what I am doing for recovery, my musical tastes for different workouts, some of the different workouts that i will be doing, pictures of my adventures, what have you.

My next couples of blogs will surely be filled with random thoughts of a tired runner. They will probably be filled with horrible attempts at jokes and will most certainly be cringe worthy. You've been warned.

Drop me a line if you ever want to go for a run.

See you out there,


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