Tuesday, March 18, 2014

500 mile march day 13- Thursday (SUCH WINTER)

Recovering for the indoor track, had a little tumble on the snowy, icy trails this morning. Folks, falling hurts. Falling in front of people hurts more. Don't fall in front of people. They will laugh. They won't ask you if you are alright, they will just flat out laugh in your face. What dinks.

The marsh is nice at dusk...
I worked in the store the rest of the day. It was pretty boring. None of you fine runner's came by to say hello! Jeeze. I started to re-merchandise the store as well. I should be done tomorrow! We have some really cool stuff in... there goes the next paycheck... ouch.

Went to the gym after work to do some miles on the treadmill. It was still slippery from the previous day's snow fall. I didn't want to fall in the dark. Coyotes may be waiting in the wing, ready to pounce! Yikes!

An hour and a half and 12 miles later, we are done for the day!

TODAY: 17.0

TOTAL: 206.1

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