Tuesday, March 18, 2014

500 Mile March Day 16- Sunday- Lazy Sundays are best Sundays

Well. Not much to say today. I am beat. Sunday is usually a lazy day for me to begin with, I took my dog for an easy jog then I went to the gym and finally looked at a place to live in Guelph for next year.

The time in between such activities was comprised of binge watching the office/playing video games and sitting in my pjs. All in all I thought it was a pretty good day.
The lake was in fine form today- bright blue skies and a warm sun. It was chilly out but the nice weather more than made up for it.
Treadmill runs are a little less painful for the shin because of the lower impact. it felt okay, not great, but I should be good tog et through the rest of the month problem free.. I hope. I'm right on track and I'm not stopping for anything.

TODAY: 16.6

TOTAL: 259.7

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