Tuesday, March 18, 2014

500 mile march day 15: Saturday- Dawn of the third week (dumm dumm DUMMMM)

Ouch. My shin. I was supposed to do 20km with the first time half marathoners, but I decided to play it safe. Going that slow for that long, does nothing but hurt my poor bones and muscles. Bracing with every step sucks yo. I just want to go fast!

I ended up running about 8 miles, and then took it to the gym to do some serious cross training. About 22 miles on the elliptical. I'll tell you, that is no way to have to workout for very long. But better safe than sorry. I am trying to keep a fairly decent weight routine through this as well- gotta get nice and swole for beach season right?
One of the upsides of being a skinny runner: we can easily create the illusion of muscles just by being skinny.
While on my 8 mile run, I did a quick loop through the marsh again, it looks very pretty with the melting snow...

Today: 18 (equivalent)


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