Thursday, March 6, 2014

500 Mile March- Day 5 Recap (In which I run on an indoor track for fun).

Well that's five days down. Now only... too many days left. I'm at the point where if I start to think about it, the more daunting it seems. Either way, a lot of days still to go.

But the good news is that I'm still feeling pretty good. yesterday I was pretty sore after slipping around in the snow on Tuesday night but I came back pretty well with a decent 18 minute 5k tempo on the track. I finished my last kilometer in 2:55 and felt great so I know I'm not losing a whole lot with mileage.

I was supposed to help a friend through the 5k but James was a goof and did a workout the day before. He was trying to tell me it was just some fun 200s but I wasn't buying it. But he still got the effort in which is important. he will be racing the Marden Half Marathon early April so he's been training pretty hard and getting ready for it. I expect him to do awesome so he better not let me down (pressure's on dude).

The name Marden brings up rather ghoulish memories from my days as a varsity athlete at the University of Guelph. You see, Guelph never had a real indoor facility until last year. In my first year we had a dome structure that was made by the same company that provided the Dallas Cowboys' training dome- you know, the one that toppled over and injured all those people a few years ago? Anyway, Guelph had one of those with a 175m indoor rubberized squared-off track.
The Gryphon Dome
I almost miss this place... almost.
 It wasn't the greatest to run in because of the square corners-a line was painted on that cut the corner into a smoother radius, but you were still flung way out with a slingshot effect coming out of it. Then with the Dallas Cowboys facility collapsing, safety concerns made Guelph tear out little dome down- the varsity track and field team was now without a home! Luckily for us, a new facility up in Marden was just being finished, complete with a 220m indoor track (although still squared off, the long straights were fun for indoors).

So every time we wanted to go to the track we would have to hop n a school bus and be bused up there for our track workouts. While not the worst, it ate a significant amount of time out of our day. Plus the corners. Oh god the corners. They were still so tight. I'm a wimpy runner. When things don't go my way I break pretty easily (or used to- i am getting a lot better). Plus I am a pretty springy runner from having tight joints. having a springy step and tight corners isn't fun. You feel like you are going to fly apart in different directions, blasted to oblivion and sprawled out on the track, limbs all over the place. It wasn't fun. I no like. Such distress. Much defeat. Sadface.
If you look real close you can almost see the dotted line that you follow to do a "corner." If you look harder you can see my tears and my broken spirit. 

Kids these days don't even know how good that have it at Guelph. the indoor track they have now actually has REAL CORNERS! No rounded squares, REAL LIVE CORNERS! The track surface may be slow as maple syrup but there are corners and that's all that I care about.

That is my aside for the day. Long winded and maybe a little dull but it's my life okay? No need to make snide comments about it.

The evening run went well. Even though it wasn't super cold, I am still so done with this winter it isn't even funny anymore. Seriously, if I'm not in shorts by March 20th I am going to flip my you know what and go live in a hole for the rest of my days.

Here's a picture of my bird checking out my New Balance Fresh Foam 980s to keep you coming back.
TOTAL MILES: 83.1/500


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