Sunday, March 9, 2014

500 mile march recap: Day 6,7 & 8- And so it goes on

Sorry I've been MIA the last couple of days. I was busy with running (duh) but also, I've had some work to do for the store and with school. As well as trying to be a good guy and spend some time with the lady friend.

Thursday (Day 6): Got to the store early to do a quick run before I opened the shop. Sitting in the store all day with no one coming in is one of the most boring things to do in the world. That's a solid 10 hours in one place. I am a very antsy person. I need to be doing things, multiple things, all at the same time. I can't sit still for very long and my mind starts to wander. So nothing much fun to report.

In the evening I headed out to the treadmill just to have some bodies around me. running alone in the dark and cold is starting to get REALLY lame. Ended up with a solid 19 miles on that electronic beast and had a great day for mileage.
Recovery has become a must- fashion police be damned. Compression socks to increase blood flow and my New Balance 980 Fresh Foam for the best feeling, plush shoes on your feet. 

TODAY: 24 miles

Friday: I don't want to talk about Friday. I rolled out of bed and was able to shuffle through a lame 10 miles. Can you believe when I asked my dog if she wanted to go with me she just looked at me as if I were an idiot? 10 miles turned out to be it for the day. And that sucked because the rest of Friday just got glorious. It got up to 6 degrees (or so I was told) but because again, I was in the store by myself for 10 hours, I didn't get to experience the first taste of spring! I got pretty depressed and didn't run at night. I just couldn't mentally do it- I was so defeated after seeing the sun out all day and then when I end up leaving it's dark again and the temperature has dropped. Not Cool.
Crushing the remnants of winter in my New Balance MT110 trail shoes. Feeling great.

TODAY: 10 miles

Saturday: Saturday, the Runner's Mark First Half Marathon crew headed down tot he Hammer to run the back 9km of the Around the Bay (ATB) course (Out 9km, back 9km). It was us and about a million other runners out there. Carl told me that this was the big weekend for people to go to the course as it is 2 weeks out from ATB but I still have never seen so many runners out for something that wasn't an organized event or anything. It was great to see and most people looked like they were having a great time. Smiles all around (for the most part- once the hills started to kick in there was a lot of cursing going on). It was a pretty slow run; it was the furthest that the majority of the group had ever run before so there might have been a little trepidation. But hey, they got it done and they're doing great!
After the run I took my mom to go see Mr. Peabody and Sherman. It was a cartoon that she enjoyed as a child and this update was quite enjoyable. There was lots of spectacle for the little kids but the dialogue and the jokes were really geared towards the older crowd. There were even some pretty great pop culture references that only denizens of the internet like myself would fully appreciate.
When we got out of the movie theater it was actually SUNNY! So of course I was going to go for a run to enjoy it! Belly full of popcorn or not, I was going to get a glorious 8km run in the sun.
A glorious afternoon run down through Rattray Marsh and a long Lake Ontario.

TODAY: 16.2 miles

TOTAL:  133.3/500

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