Tuesday, March 11, 2014

500 Mile March Day 9 & 10 recap

I'm falling behind on these posts. I feel awful about that.

Sunday: The time change killed me. I got up, changed into sweat pants (I never wear sweat pants) and then went down into the basement and just watched movies. I went to the gym later in the evening but managed a measly 5 miles. That was it. Ugg. I was so dead. Zombified even.

But on the upside, the COSMOS reboot aired. For those of you out of the loop, Cosmos was a scientific/space program that aired in the 80s and was hosted by the late Dr. Carl Sagan. Dr. Sagan was one of the greatest science advocate in twentieth century. The new series is a n update with better CGI and all of the new information that we've learned in the last 30 or so years. The new show is hosted by the only person who would be even close to filling in for Dr. Sagan- Dr. Neil de Grasse Tyson. Look them up if you want to learn more about them. Cosmos was the highlight of my day. It was beautiful, both in it's scope, the imagery, and the teachings, but also the fact that the premiere aired on 10 fox networks simultaneously. FOX! As in the Fox News corporation! And here it is airing a show about the creation of the universe and our place in the cosmos.

Why am I talking about it in a running blog? Because it is one of the things that I love to think about while I run- our purpose and our place. The beauty we see around us is all from one singular point yet we are living in this exact frame, this snap shot and blink of an eye. Everything around us has only come to be in the last fraction of a second of the last minute of the cosmic calendar. Yet we have the capacity to find enjoyment in this fraction, on a lonely spec of dust; to us it is all we have and know. And running allows me to embrace that sense of awe and wonder- the experience of ourselves.

Needless to say that I nerded out so damn hard the entire hour it was on...

Miles today: 5
TOTAL: 138.3

Day 10: Track Monday!

Monday went a lot better than Sunday. I felt a lot more fresh and the day was pretty awesome. I got to Campus a little bit before 8, went to the indoor track and started to run. I was meeting my friend James there at 8:30 so I had some time to kill before my workout with him so I decided to get into a really decent distance effort as well as the speed we were going to do. So I warmed up, did another 5k tempo (just south of 18minutes), cooled down slightly and then did some ins and outs. An in-and-out is where you are almost tapping the gas pedal for a bit (say, 120m) then coasting at a decent pace for 120m. When James showed up we ended up doing some speedier stuff-

set 1): 200,300,300,100,100- 20-25" between intervals
rest: walk/jog l lap
Set 2): 200,300,300,100,100- 20-25" between intervals
rest: walk/jog 1 lap
Set 3) 100,400,400,100- 20-25" between intervals
Cool down

I hadn't done speed in i don't know how long so it was great. They were decently quick and I felt pretty good at the end. But my poor calves. Indoors and calves do not get along very well. I'm pretty sure there were words said long ago which started some sort of blood feud between the two that has been raging for eons.

I sat around feeling sorry for my calves most of the evening then decided to just get a run over with before bed. a nice 8 miler in the dark.

But it was finally above 0 degrees at night! WHAT? Are we still in Canada?

Today: 17.2 miles
TOTAL: 155.5 miles/500

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